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Bo‘lim: Jamoa

We do what we want
Stretford Enders
In Moscow we
To see Matt Basbys Aces!
We shall not be moved
Wemberlee, Wemberlee
Que Sera Sera
United Calypso (short ver.)
We're a different class
Oh when the Reds go marching in
Fergie, give us a wave
Cause United will go to Moscow
From the banks of the River Irwell
United wooooorld
Who the fuck are man united
We are just one of those teams
MU – MUF - MUFC - Ok!
Cos United are going to Glasgow
Jingle bells, jingle bells
We won it three times
I see the Stretford End arising
We'll never die, we'll never die
Hello, hello, we are the Busby boys
Ferguson's red and white army
We love United, we do
Take me home, United Road

Категория: Игроки

Wesley Brown
I Want Curly Hair Too
Anderson!-son! -son!
Owen Hargreaves
Yip Yaap Stam
Patrice wherever you may be
Nemanja ohhh, Nemanja ohhh
Michael Carrick is a red
On the first day of Christmas
Knowing me, knowing you
We all live in a George Best world
We`ll drink a drink a drink
When Johnny goes marching down the wing
Gary Neville is a Red
La, la, la, la, Keano
Oh Keano's fuckin' magic
There's only one Keano
Who put the ball in the Germans' net
You are my Solskjaer
Giggs, Giggs will tear you apart...again!
Ryan Giggs, Ryan Giggs, running down the wing
He scores goals galore, he scores goals
We've got Wesley Brown
J Sung Park from wherever you can be
Wayne would rather be a devil than a scouse
He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney

Bo‘lim: Raqiblar

Who`s that twat from Argentina
World Champions twice!
City are shit
Viva John Terry (2)
This is how it feels to be chelsea
Viva john terry
White heart lane
If you come from Manchester
Lee Martin
Blue and White balloons
In 76
Michael Shields
Steve Gerrard, Gerrard
We paid for their home
Mourinho you were listening
This is how it feels to be Leeds scum
Feed the scousers
Same old Arsenal, always cheatin
You'll never get a job
That's what city is all about
Cheer up Alan Shearer
wanky Wanderers
If I die in the Kippax Street
We all hate Leeds scum
When the russian goes to prison
the council house is never full
My old man, said be a city fan
Roman stole his fucking money from the poor
He gave Giggsy a ball
If you all hate scousers clap your hands
Oh Merseyside
Oh Elland road
Oh Brian Kidd
Oh Manchester
We hate Nottingham Forest
He came from Uruguay
This is how it feels to be City
Build a bonfire

Bo‘lim: Ishqibozlar

Reds from the sunny Moscow
We are the Moscow reds